LATNORD Consulting, is coordinating multi sectorial projects involving private, public actors and universities in Latin America and Northern Europe. Our specialization is solving challenges of any sector in Latin America using knowledge from Nordic countries, by adapting them to the local reality and coordinating actors in both continents. Our projects have included many sectors such us: education, wood industry, energy efficiency, health technology, parking technology, among others. In addition, we support European companies aiming to operate in Latin America by developing and implementing a strategy for selling to the region and developing studies by request. 


In Finland, we have a contract with VisitEDUFinn, member of the governmental program Education Finland, we are representatives for Chile and Latin America, through our CEO Patricio Sazo Arellano.

We have a portfolio of startups in Finland, supporting them in their operation in Latin America, such as our client HiHappening (watch documentary). 

We also collaborate with institutions in Latin America, being partner in Finland of the governmental accelerator Startup Chile (list of European partners).

We have been invited to share our experience working with Finnish startups operating in Latin America on event organized by Finland Chamber of Commerce (event Latin American Business Tactics)


For Latin American companies, in addition to our work solving challenges, we support exporters on expanding their market by generating agreements with new importers, supermarkets and retailers located in Northern Europe. We provide marketing services by positioning brands, managing sponsorship and organizing events in Northern Europe.